iBudgetix a smartphone app for personal daily expense and income tracking


Rent, Mortgage, Property taxes, Gas, Electricity, Oil, Water, Garbage, Phones, Cable TV & Internet, Gardener, Housekeeper, Furniture.

Fun Stuff

Entertainment, Movies, Concerts, Vacation, Travek, Gifts, Hobbies, Subscriptions, Memberships, Pets, Supermarket, Restaurants and takeout.


Gasoline, Maintenance, Repairs, Tolls and parking, Bus or Subway fares.

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Personal Care

Haircuts, Health club or gym, Makeup, Clothing, Shoes, Jewelry, Dry cleaning, Health Care Physicians, Hospitals, Drugs, Dental and Vision, Therapy.


Day care, Toys, Activities, Child Support, Educational expenses, Tuition, Books, Supplies.


Credit/charge cards, Auto loans, Student loans, Insurance Auto, Health, Life, Disability.

Why iBudgetix ?

More and more people have taken control of managing their finances with the help of iBudgetix. Of course, you could just grab a pen and paper, and keep track of your finances the old-fashioned way.iBudgetix get a clearer picture of where your money is going, where it is now and where it has been, easy to understand, presenting it in graphs and reports. For those looking to plan their financial futures, these reports are priceless.

1. Measuring Your Financial Health
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1. Measuring Your Financial Health

Assessing Your Fitness

How financially healthy are you? When was the last time you took stock of your overall financial situation, including reviewing your spending, savings, future goals, and insurance? If you’re like most people, you’ve either never done this exercise or you did so a long time ago.

2. Determining Where Your Money Goes
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2. Determining Where Your Money Goes

Saving More, Spending Less

Your financial net worth is an important barometer of your monetary health. Your net worth indicates your capacity to accomplish major financial goals, such as buying a home, retiring, and withstanding unexpected expenses or loss of income.

3. Establishing and Achieving Goals
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3. Establishing and Achieving Goals

Setting Goals

Unless you earn really big bucks or have a large family inheritance to fall back on, your personal and financial desires will probably outstrip your resources. Thus, you must prioritize your goals.

  • In order to accomplish your financial goals, iBudgetix help you to take a close look at your spending habits.

  • iBudgetix helped me to uncover some major clues piled somewhere on the desk where you pay bills.

  • The main advantage of using iBudgetix is that you can continually track your spending as long as you keep entering the information.

Download iBudgetix and start saving money now !

It’s free

It’s free

Mobile Application

    • Expenses Tracker
    • Income Tracker
    • Budget Tracker
    • Trend Analysis Report
    • Start saving money now!

Great Features!

Simple and powerful

iBudgetix is brilliant for personal expense management and tracking. It helps you see exactly where your money is going, and it is easy to set it up so you can enter expenses that impact your budget, from your own smartphone.

Learn to spend from your own history

iBudgetix can track all your expenses, they come around every month, home bills, gym membership, online subscriptions, etc., so you can analyze your spending habits and learn to spend on things that really matter.

Personal budgeting tool

Sometimes it’s hard to know when you’ve went over the line. Set yourself a budget to keep an eye on your spending. With iBudgetix help you’ll even be saving money when the end of the month approaches.

Helpful and fun visualizations

iBudgetix creates helpful graphics that show you how much money goes toward rent, groceries and other expenses, so it is really helpful for personal finance.